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Homes 4 Wiltshire : Choice Based Lettings

WELCOME to Homes 4 Wiltshire


ATTENTION IMPORTANT MESSAGE – Due to the implementation of our new allocation policy our system will not be available from 9am on 3rd February.  We hope that the system will be back up and running by 1pm but it might take slightly longer.  During this time you will not be able to access your application or make any bids.  Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause



Please send all supporting documents relating to your Housing Application to our Trowbridge office. DO NOT send any documents to the Devizes Office at Browfort, this office is now closed. Please send all supporting documentation to the following address:

Homes 4 Wiltshire
County Hall
Bythesea Road
BA14 8JN

Alternatively you can attend your local Wiltshire Council Office with your supporting documents or you can email them to



The old number 01380 734 734 will no longer reach us, please call our new number.



From the 9th December 2014 everyone currently registered for housing with Homes4 Wiltshire will be contacted and you will be given 8 weeks to renew your housing application.  All the information on your current application will be retained and transferred onto the new form, so you will only need to complete any new questions. Your application will then be reassessed based on the new allocation policy that was adopted by Wiltshire Council.  See link below for more information.

Changes to the bands

From the 9th December all applications will be banded according to the new policy.  We have simplified our bands to ensure social housing is accessible to those most in need. Applicants will still have their housing need assessed in the same way and be banded according to their assessed need to move.  Those with no identified housing need will no longer be eligible to join the register and will need to consider the alternative options available to them.  Click here for details of the new bands. During October 2014 we will write to all those applicants currently in the Bronze and some of those in our Silver band to confirm that as from the 9th December 2014 they will no longer be able to register with Homes4Wiltshire and will explain the alternative options available to them.


This government change to welfare is designed to simplify the benefit system and encourage people to work.

It will affect many people across the country and if you are in receipt of benefit, or an employer, then it will affect you too.
For further information please visit Wiltshire Council's website:




 Please click on this link to view the Homes 4 Wiltshire Policy 

You may be aware that there are national changes being made to the way in which housing is allocated and you will now notice changes to the way in which properties are advertised through Homes 4 Wiltshire. The government will be making more information available to us about the new changes and we will pass this on to you as quickly as possible. For the latest information please check the Affordable Rent section on this website.

If you want to apply for housing you can do so by applying online. If you already have an active application and wish to advise Homes 4 Wiltshire of a change of circumstances, you can do this by logging into your account online and using the ‘Update your application’ section.  Once you have updated your application, these changes will then need to be approved by Homes 4 Wiltshire before they take effect and you will then be notified of the outcome.

In order for your application to be activated, you must provide the following proofs: 

  • Proof of identity for everyone on your application (drivers licence, birth certificate or passport)
  • Proof of address (utility bill, bank statement or council tax bill)

And as applicable, the following information:

  • Proof of income (bank statement, wage slips or Department of Work and Pensions documentation).
  • Proof of benefits 
  • Proof of savings/stocks and shares (bank statement/relevant paperwork)
  • Proof of home ownership, most recent mortgage statement
  • Confirmation of immigration status and workers registration certificate (if relevant) for persons from abroad
  • Proof of residency of children (child benefit, child tax credit and/or bank statement detailing receipt of the above and residence order if relevant)
  • Proof of pregnancy (copy of maternity notes or MATB1) - Without proof of residency/pregnancy, children cannot be included onto your application.
  • Notice of eviction (Notice to quit from landlord/family)
  • Proof of medical - Please note that if you are asking a health professional to release medical information to us, they will require your written consent and that, unfortunately, Homes 4 Wiltshire are unable to pay a fee for this information.
As of the 1st May, 2012 we will no longer write to you to remind you of the documents you need to provide. All the information required is stated above.  These proofs must be supplied within 15 working days.  If we have not received this information within the stated timescale, your application will be not be activated. 

*Please note that online applications will be deleted after 5 working days if they are not completed. Please ensure that you complete and submit your online application within this time. *

If you have the facility to scan your documents, please email them to us at, electronic copies are acceptable. However, please be advised that Homes 4 Wiltshire reserves the right to ask for original documents, if required. 

Please ensure that your name, address and date of birth are on every document that you send in.  Please return to the below address. 

Homes 4 Wiltshire
County Hall
Bythesea Road
BA14 8JN

Once you have an active application with Homes 4 Wiltshire you will need to keep us up-to-date with any change in your circumstances or contact details. You can update us with this information by logging into your account online and using the ‘Update your application’ section.

Once you have updated your application, these changes will then need to be approved by Homes 4 Wiltshire before they take effect and you will then be notified of the outcome.

If Homes 4 Wiltshire cannot contact you and/or have reason to believe your application may be out of date, your application will be suspended until the details can be confirmed. You will not be able to bid while your application is suspended. If you think your application is suspended, you must contact the office on 0300 456 0104 to update the information and have your application re-activated.

Each year we will contact you, either in writing or via your online account to confirm that you still wish to stay on the housing register and that your circumstances have not changed. If you fail to respond to Homes 4 Wiltshire, then your application will be cancelled. It is therefore, essential that you notify us of any changes in your circumstances, including your address.


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