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Homes 4 Wiltshire : Choice Based Lettings

WELCOME to Homes4Wiltshire

Welcome to the Homes4Wiltshire website, home of the choice based lettings scheme of Wiltshire Council for the allocation of affordable housing across Wiltshire Council's area

The purpose of the website is to help you to understand whether you are entitled to join one of Wiltshire Council’s housing lists and your prospects for re-housing.

Homes4Wiltshire is a partnership between Wiltshire Council and about 30 housing associations providing affordable homes in Wiltshire Council’s area.  Together, Wiltshire Council and its housing association partners manage thousands of properties in Wiltshire Council’s area.  Affordable homes may be rented properties, shared ownership (part-rent, part-buy) or discounted sale properties.  The majority of homes advertised by Homes4Wiltshire are at social rents or affordable rents (80% market rents) and increasing numbers are fixed term tenancies.  The government, at the time of updating this page, is planning to introduce fixed term tenancies for all lettings by Wiltshire Council and other local authority landlords.

Choice Based Lettings schemes like Homes4Wiltshire operate by means of ‘bids’ or expressions of interest in properties offered in each weekly advertising cycle from registered housing applicants on the Homes4Wiltshire website.  Homes are available for bidding to registered housing applicants on Homes4Wiltshire each week from Thursday to the following Monday evening.

The demand for affordable rented homes in Wiltshire Council’s area greatly exceeds supply except in some rural areas.  Rented one bedroom properties and houses are general highly sought after, particularly in the Chippenham, Salisbury and Trowbridge areas.  Older persons’ homes where there is an age qualification (50, 55 or 60 years depending upon landlord) and 2 bedroom flats above the ground floor are in low demand in some areas.


  ** Important parish connections message **

Are you currently registered with Homes4Wiltshire?

On 1 April 2017, around 4,700 dwellings and many businesses in Wiltshire Council’s area will “move” from one parish to another parish as a result of boundary changes.  Boundary changes take place from time to time.

Under Wiltshire Council’s Allocation Policy, connections to particular parishes are a key factor in the prioritisation of bids from housing applicants on Homes4Wiltshire and success in securing a new home.  An applicant with a parish connection with the parish in which a particular property is located (or an adjacent parish) generally has greater priority when bidding for that property than someone lacking a connection to that parish, even if the second person is in a higher band.

Homes4Wiltshire is amending parish connections based upon applicants’ own addresses where these are in the Wiltshire Council area.  However, we cannot run a report from the system to give us connections based upon applicants’ employment or close relatives’ residency, to amend them ourselves.

Unless you do not require parish connections because you are in an “exclusion group”, we would ask housing applicants to visit the Wiltshire Council website and consider whether, in light of the boundary changes, any of your parish connections based upon employment and close relatives’ residency have changed.  If you believe that your parish connections based on your employment or close relatives’ residency may have changed in light of the boundary changes, please contact us on 0300 456 0104 or email  If necessary, we will then amend your parish connections accordingly.

 We appreciate your co-operation.

 Many thanks,

 The Homes4Wiltshire team

Housing Register

The Housing Register is the list of people in housing need under the council’s New Allocation Policy.  The Allocation Policy is a legal document which is formally adopted by the council for the allocation of affordable homes.  It is the fairest and most transparent way for the council to decide who is in housing need and how applicants ought to be prioritised for re-housing, taking into account its legal obligation to give priority to certain groups, for example, the homeless and those living in overcrowded conditions.

The current Allocation Policy was implemented in early 2015 and it reflects the preferences of local people.  People whom the council considers have no housing need may join the Open Market Register, an alternative housing list for alternative housing solutions - please see below for more information about the Open Market Register.  Applicants are banded according to the level of their housing need:  Band 1, Band 2, Band 3 and Band 4.  Most applicants are placed in Bands 3 or 4:  at the time of writing, there are only about 150 households in Bands 1 and 2 compared to many hundreds in Bands 3 and 4.

A key change made in the new Allocation Policy in 2015 is that applicants with local connections to parishes where properties are advertised are more likely to be offered these properties than applicants without connections to those parishes. An applicant may be in a 'low' band and bid successfully for a property over someone in a 'higher' band because s/he has a local connection to the parish in which the property is located - see ‘Bidding and Local Connections to Parishes’ on the 'How Does Homes4Wiltshire Work?' page.

Open Market Register

The Open Market Register is aimed at those who are interested in Low Cost Home Ownership including discounted sale or shared ownership property (part-rent/part-buy) and Low demand affordable rented properties including older people’s accommodation, some 2 bed flats above the ground floor and some rural properties.  Wiltshire Council is keen to promote discounted sale and other Low Cost Home Ownership Options and details of forthcoming housing developments may be found by Community Area on Wiltshire Council's main website.  Further information about Low Cost Home Ownership may be found on other pages on this website including the Low Cost Home Ownership page.

We advertise Low Cost Home Ownership properties continuously under the Property Search tab above.  To inquire about particular properties, interested parties - once registered with Homes4Wiltshire - may contact Homes4Wiltshire at the number below or the housing association concerned directly.

Housing Register applicants with a connection to Wiltshire Council’s area who do not qualify to join the Housing Register are entitled to join the Open Market Register as long as they have no unmanaged housing debts, have not been guilty of Anti-Social Behaviour in the past 12 months which would make them unsuitable as tenants and have a household income of less than £80,000 per annum.  The procedure for registering on the Open Market Register is the same as for the Housing Register.

Alternatives to affordable rented housing

The demand for affordable rented housing in Wiltshire Council’s area is high and you may wish to consider other housing options.  For private rented accommodation, details of local letting and management agents may be found on the private rental page on the Wiltshire Council website.  There are many websites advertising rooms to rent and private lets.  For information about home ownership, please see our 'Low Cost Home Ownership' page.

Homes4Wiltshire continues to work to ensure the fair allocation of affordable housing in Wiltshire Council's area.  If you have any feedback, please contact us at, our Customer Services team on 0300 456 0104 or by post at Homes4Wiltshire, County Hall, Bythesea Road, Trowbridge, Wiltshire BA14 8JN


Many thanks for supporting Homes4Wiltshire.  We will continue to work to assist and support applicants into suitable and sustainable affordable housing in 2016.

The Homes4Wiltshire Team  

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