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Homes 4 Wiltshire : Choice Based Lettings

WELCOME to Homes 4 Wiltshire


Following the introduction of our new allocation policy, any applicant who had not processed a renewal application will have had their application ‘Closed’.  This is because the information on the old form is not fully compatible with the new system and we would not have been able to activate your application until further information was provided.  Any applicant with a ‘closed’ application would have now exceeded the 8 week timeframe to update their application and will now need to reapply to join the register. 

If you have completed a renewal and have not provided the required documents within the stated 15 days your application will either be suspended or held in pending.  These applicants will not be able to bid until all the required documents have been provided and verified.


Welcome to the Homes4Wiltshire website, home of the choice based lettings scheme of Wiltshire Council for the allocation of social housing across the County.

In December 2014, Wiltshire Council introduced a new Allocation Policy and wrote to all existing Applicants advising them of the forthcoming changes and what action they needed to take as individuals.  Applicants had an 8 week transition period from 9th December 2014 to 2nd February 2015 to re-apply for the new scheme.  

  • Applicants who have re-applied are currently having their application re-assessed and will need to ensure they provide the additional information required by the new system to complete this process.  Existing applicants are having to provide additional documents in many cases to prove residency or employment in Wiltshire and connections to particular parishes.  We are informing each applicant of the documents that are required, local connection overriding other considerations, it is necessary for applicants to supply documentary evidence of their local connection to particular parishes.  Due to the volumes of re-applications, there is a small delay in acknowledging applications and we would ask that people avoid contacting us for the first 28 days of applying to allow us to concentrate on processing rather than dealing with enquiries.  Details of where to send the required information can be found under “Contact us” above.


  • Applicants who have not re-applied will have their existing application closed from 3rd February 2015 and will need to re-apply as new Applicants thereafter.  They will lose any time accrued due to their failure to reapply in the 8 week transition period.  Their ability to bid will also end. 

There is a high demand for affordable homes in Wiltshire, and across the UK in general.  There were over 20,500 households registered for re-housing within Wiltshire alone with the numbers growing daily.  Demand will always outweigh supply so the Council needed to ensure that those with the greatest need were prioritised for re-housing.

Housing is allocated according to the Council’s Allocations Policy which represents the fairest and most transparent way for the Authority to decide who should be prioritised.  The Localism Act in 2011 introduced new freedoms for local authorities to decide to whom and how properties should be allocated and Wiltshire Council consulted widely on a new Allocation Policy in the 18 months up to its introduction. We wrote to all existing Applicants inviting their comments, presented at Area Boards and took the views of Councillors, the public, our partner housing providers and also advice agencies.  What came out of the consultation and feedback was:

The review was far reaching and what came out from the review was primarily that: 

  • People wanted to see local homes go to local people.
  • People wanted honesty in being able to manage the expectations of what people can expect in terms of their housing options.
  • We should make the best use of the housing stock available due to the high demands
  • It should reward those who have demonstrated that they will make good tenants.

We listened and we presented the final Draft Allocations Policy to Wiltshire Council's cabinet in November 2013.  It was approved and is now being implemented.  For full details of the new scheme, please see our New Allocation Policy.

Many thanks for supporting Homes4Wiltshire and we will continue to work to assist and support Applicants into suitable and sustainable accommodation.

The Homes4Wiltshire Team  

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