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How does Homes4Wiltshire work?

All social housing in Wiltshire Council's area is advertised through Homes4Wiltshire. Homes4Wiltshire is a Choice Based lettings system allowing people with a housing need choose where they want to live.  To express an interest or "bid" for properties in the Wiltshire Council area, you need to have a housing need under the council's Allocation Policy.

Please note that new housing applications will be considered after an initial telephone conversation with a Housing Caseworker.  Our number is 0300 456 0106 9 am to 5 pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, 2 to 5 pm on Wednesday (closed on Wednesday morning).  The Housing Caseworker will explore the reasons you wish to join the Housing Register and opportunities to improve your present housing situation including discussion of private sector housing solutions in light of the rising demand for social rented homes.  Please be aware that the number of people on the council’s Housing Register has increased by 227% in the last 5 years with turnover of general needs houses and flats having reduced since the start of the covid-19 pandemic.

Do I have a housing need

The council only admits working age customers with a housing need as defined in the council's Allocation Policy to the Housing Register.  You will need to fall into one of the needs categories otherwise we cannot consider you -

  • homeless or sleeping rough or
  • statutorily overcrowded or
  • lacking sufficient space for children or a disabled person or
  • suffering domestic abuse or harassment or
  • having a welfare or medical need to move eg home physically unsuitable or
  • unable to meet one's own essential living costs eg food, heating or
  • home presently unsuitable for another reason

Pension age applicants with support needs without any of the above needs are admitted to the Housing Register.  However, it is important to note that disrepair is not a housing need.  It is landlords' responsibility to maintain homes to a reasonable standard for their tenants.

The council is very conscious that changes in the housing market mean more people are struggling to find suitable and sustainable accommodation.  For this reason, we want to speak to people early about the reasons for seeking a social rented home, to help resolve housing problems quickly.