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Why are Parish Connections so important?

Connections to particular parishes or towns

Connections to particular parishes determine priority when bidding, applicants with parish connections having greater priority than those without connections.  Parish connections are more important than band for most housing applicants.

You may have a connection to a particular parish where -

  • you have been resident (and continue to reside) in a particular civil parish or town in Wiltshire Council's area for 12 months or more
  • you have close family members (grand-parents, parents, legal guardian, adult children or brothers and sisters) living in a particular civil parish or town in Wiltshire Council's area who have lived there for 5 years or more
  • you have employment in a particular parish in Wiltshire Council's area

Bids are prioritised by parish connections for all bidders except those who are exempted from the requirement to have a connection altogether.  A bidder in a lower band with a connection to the parish in which an advertised property is located appears higher in the "shortlist" once bidding closes and has a greater prospect of being offered the property.  A connection to the parish adjacent to the parish where a property is advertised is also helpful as bidders with such connections are placed more highly than those who lack a connection to the parish (though less than those with connections to the parish itself).