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Homes4Wiltshire Partnership

The Homes4Wiltshire system advertises social rented, affordable rented and low cost home ownership homes owned by the council itself, a number of Registered Providers (housing associations and charities), some developers and some small registered charities like almshouse trusts.

Wiltshire Council and the Registered Providers co-operate in meeting housing need in Wiltshire Council's area under the council's Allocation Policy.  Together, the group calls itself the Homes4Wiltshire Partnership* and it is administered by Wiltshire Council.

The objectives of the Homes4Wiltshire Partnership are -

• To meet the housing needs of households in the Wiltshire Council area in the most effective way

• To maximise housing opportunities for households across Wiltshire Council's area by eliminating artificial boundaries, at the same time promoting the principle of creating sustainable communities by reducing areas with concentrations of households with high needs

• To meet the statutory requirements of Wiltshire Council, whilst working in partnership with the partner landlords to deliver a common vision for a fair and accessible service

• To have a Common Housing Register

• To provide a simple to use, customer-friendly lettings service for affordable housing vacancies in the council's area

• To give preference in lettings to those with a local connection to parishes in which vacant homes are located

• To simplify processes and procedures for landlord organisations advertising their vacancies so that it does not matter which part of Wiltshire Council's area a home is located, the procedures are the same

• To take full advantage of the economies of scale available through joint commissioning and procurement of services to generate savings


The Registered Providers are listed below with links to their websites -

A2 dominion
Clarion Housing
Aster Group
Bedfordshire Pilgrims Housing Association

Guinness Partnership
Housing 21 HA

Oak Housing

Salvation Army HA
Sanctuary HA
Selwood Housing
South Western Housing Society
Wiltshire Council
White Horse Housing Association


Please note that bidding for a home with a particular landlord does not necessarily mean that you will be offered that home.  Each Registered Provider, developer and small charity will have a "lettings policy" which sets out to whom it will let homes and what priorities it will employ in making letting decisions.  If you are unhappy about a letting decision, you would need to contact the Lettings Manager at the relevant Registered Provider.  Please see below for links to some of the Lettings Policies for the Registered Providers with housing in Wiltshire Council's area -

Aster Group


Clarion Housing




Housing and Care 21






*The partnership is not a partnership in a legal sense