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What kinds of homes are available?

Homes4Wiltshire advertises its own affordable homes and homes owned by Registered Providers, private landlords regulated by the Homes and Communities Agency (HCA).  The council’s own homes are primarily to be found in the south of the county in the area of the former district of Salisbury.  Providers’ homes are to be found all over the county with the exception of some very rural areas where there is little or no housing need.

There are various tenures available –

  • Social rented homes

  • Affordable rented homes, let at about 80% market rents

  • Sheltered homes for prospective tenants with support needs

  • Extra Care Housing schemes for prospective tenants with support and/or care needs

  • Accessible homes for prospective tenants with physical disabilities and/or visual impairments

  • Specialised accommodation for particular groups eg people with learning disabilities

  • Discount Market Units for sale at a discount to local people who cannot meet their own housing need on the open market

  • Shared ownership (part rent/part buy) homes


Most rented homes are offered on introductory (or starter) tenancies for 12 months in the first instance.  These are probationary tenancies to ensure that the new tenants are capable of managing a tenancy without breaching tenancy conditions.

Fixed term tenancies are increasingly common in the affordable housing sector.  The reason is that people’s financial circumstances change and tenants who may not have been able to afford to buy a home at the beginning of their tenancies may be able to do so later on, freeing up these rented homes for those who cannot afford to buy.  Some providers promote rent to buy, whereby they support tenants in getting the advice they need to decide whether they can afford to buy, and the best home purchase scheme for them.  Affordable rented homes at about 80% market rents are increasingly common too.

Tenancies in the affordable rented sector may be weekly or monthly, depending upon the landlord.  In some properties, particularly flats, many types of pet (particularly dogs and cats) are not allowed.  Landlords vary in their attitude to pets and it is important to consider whether a home in the affordable rented sector will allow you to keep your pet.  Guide Dogs and other accredited assistance animals will often be considered where other pets would not be permitted.