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Looking after your home

Looking after the home and the environment

In terms of looking after a home, this is about your sense of wellbeing and about the perception of others.

It is important to ensure that any home you rent remains in good order and this is a condition of any tenancy agreement.  Decorating is generally your responsibility although a prospective landlord may give you a decorating voucher if the decorative condition of the home is very poor.

Landlords will repair the heating system and the fabric.  However, charges will be made for careless damage caused by you, your family or your visitors.  Heating and ventilating a home is important to ensures that it stays dry and you do not suffer the effects of condensation eg mould growth.

If a home has a garden, it is important to make sure that you keep it maintained.  Even if there is no garden, allowing rubbish to accumulate and being careless of the condition of the environment brings a neighbourhood down, and can antagonise the neighbours with whom you will be wanting to get on well.  The most important aspect of maintaining a tidy home is having a routine and being organised.

Wiltshire Council is one of a number of social landlords in Wiltshire, with most of its homes in the south of the county, and more information about being a social tenant is available on the Wiltshire Council website here.