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Online Tenancy Training

As having a tenancy is a big responsibility, we have recently partnered to offer Online Pre-Tenancy Training with Virtual College to selected housing applicants.

The online pre-tenancy training is offered to housing applicants with a housing need who've never held a tenancy or who have had tenancy management issues in the past.

The housing applicants selected will find the training a useful tool for understanding how to manage a tenancy.  The online tenancy training will give the council's partner landlords greater confidence to grant tenancies to first time tenants and people who've had tenancy problems in the past.  In brief, the modules cover all the main topics:

•            Social housing tenancies explained

•            Managing your finances

•            Setting up your new home and managing your tenancy

•            Being a good neighbour

Completion of the training will be monitored as there is a cost to the council for each person.  If you are selected for the training, and have any issues using the training module, our Tenancy Sustainment service may be contacted by email at